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Home of composer Jeff Tymoschuk and sound designer Dave Stephens

Home of composer Jeff Tymoschuk and sound designer/mixer Dave Stephens

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Dave Stephens got his start working in Vancouver Audio Post Production facilities in the mid 90’s.  It was throughout these formative years, that Dave got to work on a multitude of TV and Film projects, each one honing his skills in the wide range of duties of an Audio Post Production house.  Dave’s first job was in a studio specializing in Japanese Animation.  It was here that he cut his teeth editing Sound FX, Foley, and Dialogue for hundreds of 30 minute animated shows like Dragonball Z, Ruby Spears’ Megaman and Skysurfer Strike ForceThe Ronin Warriors, and Billy The Cat

In 1997 Dave moved onto Vancouver’s Airwaves Sound Design, and continued his Dialogue editing and Foley recording on wildlife series Champions Of The Wild, and a number of TV moves including - Breaking The Surface: The Greg Louganis Story, Touch Me and Disney Television’s Out Of Nowhere.  

In the years that followed, Dave found himself working on more and more projects as a free-lance Sound Designer.  He took all the skills that he had learned in the years prior working on individual elements of a big budged film soundscape, and started offering a one-stop solution to filmmakers.  He enjoyed being the big-picture guy.  He also enjoyed being in charge of, and editing all of the elements of the projects he worked on, and mixing them as well.  In 2000 Dave joined forces with long time friend and composer Jeff Tymoschuk.  They named their new company, GreenWire Music & Audio. 

For the years that followed, Dave & Jeff did a lot of work together, Jeff handling all the composing duties, and Dave editing and mixing each project.  It was a step further in  offering a one-stop solution for filmmakers.   Dave managed, while living for a time in Long Beach, California, to continue working on many Canadian TV and film projects via the internet.   It was here that he mixed several episodes of CMT Star, for CMT,  Countdown to South Africa, a series highlighting each team on the World Cup, and Get Connected, a tech show that airs on BNN in which he just finished mixing his 156th episode. 

Now that Dave has returned to Vancouver, he’s excited to rejoin with Jeff and take GreenWire to the next level.