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Home of composer Jeff Tymoschuk and sound designer Dave Stephens

Home of composer Jeff Tymoschuk and sound designer/mixer Dave Stephens

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SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED (additional music) - Moon Water Prods, Muse Ent., The Hallmark Channel

Harvey Kahn, Allen Lewis, Martha Williamson, Joel S. Rice, Michael Prupas, Scott Smith, prod.

CEDAR COVE (co-composer, pilot episode) - Front Street Pictures, Hallmark Entertainment 

Harvey Kahn, Allen Lewis, Dan Wigutow, Debbie Macomber, Caroline Moore, prod. Michael Scott, dir. 


Carolyn Allain, Wayne Clark, Paul Gertz, Matt Toner, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, Peter Strutt prod. Jericca Cleland, dir. 

SKYE & CHANG (pilot episode) - MAMAOO Pictures, Qube Film

Navid Soofi, Jonathan DuBois, Loretta Sarah Todd, Peter Strutt, prod. Loretta Sarah Todd, dir. 

POWER COUPLES (main title)-  Rugged Media/CMT

Adrian Cox, prod.  Adrian Cox, dir

E! NETWORK SPECIAL "HEROES GONE WRONG" (main title)  E! Entertainment Television

Nick Cates, Fred Charleston, Jared Gilkerson, Samantha Herriman, prod.

ENIGMA (Episode "Exorcism") Vision TV

John Chiogna, Joan Jenkinson, Paul St. Amand, Maja Zdanowski, prod. Paul St. Amand, dir. 

EMERSON DRIVE: BACK OF THE BUS (special) -  Rugged Media

Adrian Cox, prod.  Adrian Cox, dir

ANIMAL MIRACLES (additional music) - The Eyes/PAX Television

Blair Reekie, Christopher Poole, Mark Cole, Gregory Ross, prod.

FLATTAIL THE BEAVER (Pilot Episode) - Flattail Productions