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Home of composer Jeff Tymoschuk and sound designer Dave Stephens

Home of composer Jeff Tymoschuk and sound designer/mixer Dave Stephens

The Voyage of the Oeverwal


Jeff recently wrote the music for the hilarious new historical fiction podcast “The Voyage of the Oeverwal”, from writer/actor/director Peter New. Here’s the synopsis...

The year: 1530. The Earth: Flat. The Captain: An idiot. In an effort to prove the new round earth theory wrong and maintain the status quo, Philip the Handsome, Lord of the Netherlands, sends his illegitimate son Polder Van Dijk on a journey to discover the edge of the Earth. With his loyal crew, and a hopeless misunderstanding of how carrier pigeons work, Polder navigates cannibals, a kraken, the Turkish armada, the french fleet, the halls of science, Dutch baked treats, and a giant angry quokka before finding himself face to face with a grim truth about himself and his world.

The Voyage of the Oeverwal is available on all the major podcast platforms. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Jeff scores Wedding of Dreams

WOD Poster.jpg

Jeff recently scored the film “Wedding of Dreams”, the sequel to 2016’s “Summer of Dreams”, once again starring Debbie Gibson, Robert Gant and Pascale Hutton, and directed by Pat Williams. The film finds former pop star Debbie Taylor planning her wedding while struggling to balance her new life as a music teacher and the calling of her former life. The film premiered September 8th on Hallmark.

Love at First Dance

Jeff has completed work on the score for the film "Love at First Dance", which premieres June 16th.  The movie was directed by Mark Jean, and stars Becca Tobin (Glee) and Niall Matter (The Predator).

"Dance instructor Hope falls in love with her latest student, Manhattan's former most eligible bachelor, Eric. The only problem is, he is about to be married to someone else in an extravagant society wedding."


Reap What You Sew premieres April 15th

 Jeff & Dave recently completed work on the eighth movie in the Aurora Teagarden Series, Reap What You Sew, which premieres April 15th.  The movie once again stars Candace Cameron Bure, Marilu Henner, Lexa Doig and Peter Benson, and was directed by Terry Ingram.


"Internet sensation and old family friend of Aurora Teagarden, Poppy Wilson, has returned to Lawrenceton to start her new embroidery business. But not everyone is happy with Poppy's success when she turns up dead. To find the killer, Roe must follow the unsettling truths that lead her—into the path of the killer."