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Home of composer Jeff Tymoschuk and sound designer Dave Stephens

Home of composer Jeff Tymoschuk and sound designer/mixer Dave Stephens

The Voyage of the Oeverwal


Jeff recently wrote the music for the hilarious new historical fiction podcast “The Voyage of the Oeverwal”, from writer/actor/director Peter New. Here’s the synopsis...

The year: 1530. The Earth: Flat. The Captain: An idiot. In an effort to prove the new round earth theory wrong and maintain the status quo, Philip the Handsome, Lord of the Netherlands, sends his illegitimate son Polder Van Dijk on a journey to discover the edge of the Earth. With his loyal crew, and a hopeless misunderstanding of how carrier pigeons work, Polder navigates cannibals, a kraken, the Turkish armada, the french fleet, the halls of science, Dutch baked treats, and a giant angry quokka before finding himself face to face with a grim truth about himself and his world.

The Voyage of the Oeverwal is available on all the major podcast platforms. For more information, visit their Facebook page.